Talent To Income Academy

Full Course

Learn how open minded individuals are turning their everyday talents and skills into income. Simple strategies leveraging online platforms.
Ps. You can even get started without an idea.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Talent To Income Academy - Introduction to Earning Online Income

    • Welcome To the Talent To Income Academy

    • The Key To Success In The Talent To Income Academy, What Its About

    • Talents You Can Monetize, What Is Social Proof & How To Use It

    • The Three Major Ways To Create Income Online

  • 2

    Level 0: The Self Guaranteed Success

    • About The Success Mindset, Why It Is Important To Prepare Yourself

    • Make Yourself A Priority and Learn The Lucrative Formula to Guarantee Your Success

    • Step 1 - What Do You Want To Achieve

    • Step 2 - Identify Limiting Beliefs

    • Step 3 - Rewriting Beliefs to Serve You

    • Step 4 - Set Smaller Goals To Achieve Larger Goals

    • Set 5 - Become an Unbreakable Force

  • 3

    Level 1: Discover Your Talent, Learning and Getting Started - The Evergreen Niches & The Almost Backwards Way To Build Your Business

    • If You Can Write A Resume You Can Fire Your Job

    • How To Start A Service Based Business Without Being The Person Who Performs The Service

    • What is Building Value, How is Money Earned, What Next?

    • The Almost Backwards Approach To Star Your Business - The Evergreen Niches

  • 4

    Level 2: Monetize Your Talents, Earn Income Online

    • Building Your Affiliate Empire From Just Your Notepad On Your Phone, and The Secret Sauce! How To Find Affiliate Programs

    • Become / (Journey To Become) An Expert And Sell Coaching Calls

    • Have A Product To Sell? How To Sell Products Online

    • Feeling Artistic? How To Sell Content Creation Services Online

    • How To Spot Opportunities - Sales & Affiliate Marketing Accelerator

    • Excited To Move Fast, Lets Process What We Learned And Also Catch Up

    • Dropshipping Secrets - How to use Influencer Marketing to Your Advantage

    • How To Get Started

  • 5

    Level 3: Let's Start Turning Our Talents Into Earned Income, Automate Your Process!

    • The Simple Plan To Make $1000+ Per Month, What They Didn't Teach You In School About YMX+B

    • The Copy and Paste Strategy For a Six Figure Business

    • Building Your Automated System & Applying What We Learned

    • Setting Up Your Sales Funnel For Automation

    • Different Types Of Sales Funnels You Can Create To Turn Your Talents To Income

    • Crushing Your Competition While Ethically Taking Their Customers

  • 6

    How To Make Money Online Using Instagram [Bonus]

    • Before You Start Making Money On Instagram, This Could Make You an Extra $100+ A Day.

    • Grow Your Instagram Account

    • The Instagram Setup

    • Grow Your Instagram Audience

Talent To Income Academy

The academy is divided into levels.
Each level teaches the student different lessons to help guide them on their entrepreneurial journey.

  • Level 1

    Learning and Getting Started

    The student will learn “the three major ways to create income online“, “how money is earned“, quote how if you can write your résumé, you can fire your job forever“, and much more!

  • Level 2

    Monetize Your Talents

    The student will learn how to monetize their talents, “how to build your affiliate empire from just your notepad on your phone“, “ how to earn income from Instagram“, and much more!

  • Level 3

    Automate Your Process

    The student will learn how they can leverage online strategies, and create automation for their process. Enabling the students to be able to earn income while they sleep!

  • Universal Tactics

    Tested on multiple different social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, and more, to validate the tactics could work for You!

  • Fully Customizable

    Regardless of what your talent or skill is, these tactics will help you learn how you can monetize what you already do, and turn that into Income.

  • Practical Information

    Even if you choose not to apply this information as an entrepreneur, this information can be used in your current 9-to-5 job. Knowing this information could land you a promotion, or advancement within your current occupation.

What You Will Learn

There are three primary ways that any entrepreneur can earn income online. You will learn how your talent and skills fall under each of the three, and how to monetize them.

  • How you can start a service based business,
    without being the person who performs the service.

  • How you can start selling products online,
    without having any Up-Front inventory.

  • How you can build an Affiliate Empire,
    with just your notes app on your phone.


  • What if I don't know what my skill or talent is?

    If you don't know what your skill or talent is, that is fine!
    We have a lesson called "If You Can Write Your Resume, You Can Fire Your Job Forever!" to explain how.